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Customer success offerings

As your trusted partner in success, we have a range of offerings and resources that put you in control to deploy Asana, help you hit your goals, and allow you to learn and maximize its impact to achieve a high ROI.

          Hire an Asana expert to join your team

Tailored Onboarding

Get onboarded FAST with our custom training solutions

Workflow Audit

Partner with our Team to navigate change management, optimize workflows, and improve your ROI. Subject to qualified customers only.

Workflow Design

Get your processes designed by our experts for smooth onboarding

On-Site Services

Receive professional Asana training, Onboarding & workflow assistance support at your office.

Training & Support

Receive Tailored training and dedicated support locally

3rd Party Integrations

Develop Custom integrations or automation between other tools & Asana with help of our experts

We have Expertise with 3rd party integration tools to make your workflows smoother


Asana Ambassador

Receive additional support as the Asana expert on your team. As an Asana Ambassador, you’ll get new product feature previews, customizable training materials, and priority support

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