HERE named #1 location platform by Counterpoint


Beth McLoughlin

Nov 21, 2023
Beth McLoughlin
Market research firm puts HERE in the lead — again — in its annual assessment of location platforms. The company praised HERE's open and neutral approach, among other qualities.

HERE has come top of 28 of the world's leading mapping and location platform vendors in a ranking by Counterpoint.

The market research firm compiles its ranking every year. Counterpoint uses its own Competitive Ranking and Evaluation (CORE) framework to assess each location platform.

The comprehensive and detailed evaluation is based on more than 80 key capabilities spanning ten categories — maps data, location intelligence, location services, data platform, AI capabilities, sustainability, developer ecosystem, partners, business performance and customer growth.

HERE stands out by leading in eight out of 10 categories and 44 out of 84 sub-categories, showcasing its comprehensive domain expertise in location technology.

Counterpoint highlighted the fact that location platforms now go beyond helping companies or individuals get from A to B. Capabilities now include facilitating autonomous driving, tracking assets and optimizing logistics.

HERE was described as a "trailblazer in innovation" for its new mapping technology, UniMap. Counterpoint said this was an attempt to democratize map-making so that customers can create private maps.

HERE was also recognized for its continuous innovative offerings across verticals. This year’s index highlighted HERE Road Alerts and Automated Driving Zones for the automotive industry alongside critical geospatial tools for enterprises, including the HERE Anonymizer tool, on-prem location services, and private mapping capabilities.

According to Counterpoint, HERE remains at the forefront of AI and machine learning algorithm integration, evident in its services like electric vehicle charging point availability predictions and optimized supply chain solutions.

Elsewhere, the report praised the "open and neutral approach" at HERE, its emphasis on data privacy and security, and key partnerships including that with AWS.

The report states “HERE has transformed the industry with its one-stop-shop powered by a unified data platform. This allows companies to seamlessly integrate first- and third-party location data into their applications at scale and with ease. HERE’s neutral and privacy-centric approach has offered better control and transparency to its partners, customers and developers.”

The uptake of the HERE ISA Map with 21 automakers this year including BMW and Vinfast was also singled out, another sign of HERE's dominance in the automotive space. There are more than 180 million vehicles powered by HERE services, of which 34 million use HERE ADAS content and over 50 automakers using HERE data and solutions.